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In any criminal or traffic case a defendant has certain basic post-trial rights according to Maryland Law. All of motions for post-trial relief (requesting a change in the outcome of your case) have time limit deadlines and must be done in writing. The following is a brief summary of these rights:

MOTION FOR NEW TRIAL – Pursuant to the Maryland Rules of Procedure you have ten (10) days to file a Motion for a New Trial from the time that you plead guilty or are found guilty by the Court. This date starts the day of the guilty finding and expires at the end of the tenth (10 th ) day. If you do not file a Motion with the Court in writing pursuant to the Rules you will be forever barred from requesting same. A new trial request may include any legal or factual issues relevant to requesting a new trial.


APPEAL – You have the absolute right to appeal your case to the next appellate level within thirty (30) days of the date of your sentencing. Failure to do so in writing will forever bar you from filing same. If you appeal a Maryland District Court criminal case, you get a Trial De Novo (new trial) in Circuit Court. If you tried the case in Circuit Court either by judge or jury then you can appeal the case based on a factual basis, legal issues or a combination of both that you believe may of violated any law, your constitutional rights and/or procedural matters. If you were granted Probation Before Judgment, you have waived your right to appeal as there is no conviction to appeal.


MOTION FOR MODIFICATION – You have the absolute right to file a petition for a modification of your sentence within ninety (90) days from the date of the sentence. Failure to do so will preclude you from filing or having your sentence modified at a later time. You may also request that any probationary issues be modified thereto. In some cases you are able to modify “probationary issues” after the ninety (90) day time period. However, you should not assume that and ultimately, it is at the discretion of the Court.


3 JUDGE PANEL – In some circumstances you have the right to request a 3 Judge Panel in the Circuit Court only. The Judges may reduce, keep the sentence and conditions the same or modify your sentence. This must be filed within thirty (30) days in writing to the Court.


OTHER POST TRIAL RIGHTS – Depending upon your case you may have other post-trial rights pursuant to Maryland law. This list is not a total complete list but only to advise that these and others exist. As stated above you should not hesitate because an untimely motion may disqualify you. TBHE criminal attorneys are experienced in handling post-trial criminal and traffic matters.

Support Articles Which Smart TV models are supported?

The Plex for Smart TVs app is available on a wide range of television models by multiple manufacturers.

Tip! : Official “Android TV” television sets will run our normal Android app, available from the Google Play store. That’s a different Plex app than is discussed here.

Our app is available on LG television models running the following software:


Plex is available on 2014 and newer Panasonic sets (including those running Firefox OS) in the following app markets for Panasonic:

The app is available on 2016 and newer model year Samsung sets that are Tizen-based. The exception is for users located in Brazil, China, or Iran; the app is not currently available for users in those countries.

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The app is available through the Opera TV Store for many 2013 and newer Sony Bravia models. (Note that the Opera forum list does include models older than 2013, which are not supported by the Plex for Smart TVs app.)

Related Page : Opera TV Store Support List

Tip! : Sony sets that run Android TV can run our Android app, which is available from the Google Play store.

Plex is available on many Series 4 and newer TiVo devices. TiVo devices provided through a TV provider often have various licensing deals in place, which can affect app availability.

Tip! : If you get your TiVo device through your television provider, you can contact them to inquire about availability.

The app is made available through the Smart TV Alliance for Toshiba televisions. You can find the list of supported Toshiba models on the Smart TV Alliance website.

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Most 2013 and newer model VIZIO televisions are supported. You can determine whether a model is compatible:

Open the Vizio Internet Apps Plus store on your television. You can find and download the Plex App there.

Other television models and manufacturers aren’t currently supported by our Plex for Smart TVs app. We’re always working to expand our compatibility, though, so new models or brands may gain support in the future.

Instead of the Plex for Smart TVs app, some brands and models are able to run other Plex apps.

Roku TV models can run our regular Plex for Roku app, which is available by default on all Roku TVs.

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The Samsung Smart Hub app is created by a talented community developer and runs on 2012-2015 model Samsung TVs. It isn’t directly developed by Plex.

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WordPress post revisions are a helpful core feature that let you quickly view previous versions of your posts or pages, as well as see what changes have been made and restore one of those previous versions, if desired.

In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about WordPress post revisions. In addition to learning what revisions are and how they function, you’ll also learn how to:

Everything you need to know about #WordPress post revisions Click To Tweet

How WordPress post revisions work

Here’s how revisions function by default in WordPress:

by default

Every time that you save a draft or publish/update a post, WordPress saves a copy of how the post looked at that exact moment as a revision.

You can always go back in and access that specific revision to view it or restore it to the current version of your post. It’s there forever .

Additionally, each revision also tracks which user made the changes and when, which is helpful for keeping track of who’s doing what with your content.

Revisions are connected to another feature called autosaves . By default, WordPress will save a copy of your content every 60 seconds while you’re editing it ( this saved copy is overwritten every 60 seconds – there can only ever be one autosave for each user ).


This is to help you avoid losing your content in the event of a browser crash or lost Internet connection.

You can also access autosaves using the revision interface. Autosaves are labeled Autosave and are marked with red text, though, which makes them stand out from regular revisions.


To access revisions for your post, look for the Revisions option under Publish in the WordPress editor. Then, click the Browse link.

Revisions Publish Browse

Note, this option will only show up after you have at least two different versions of the post. If you’ve never edited the post before, you won’t see it :

In the Revisions interface, you can use the slider to move between different revisions. Each time you move the slider, you’ll see:

As you drag the slider, you’ll also see:

There’s also helpful color-coding to indicate the specific changes that were made between each revision. For example:

By dragging the slider, you can compare two revisions but only in sequential order .

but only in sequential order
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